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Mammoth Energy Group Inc.

Mammoth Energy Group Inc is focused on acquiring, developing and operating strategic mining energy reserves in locations throughout the world. With an ever changing shift to alternative energy and fuels Mammoth Energy Group will be prepared to be a leading energy supplier and operator. Mammoth Energy’s goal is to become an important partner as the world’s energy paradigm begins to change throughout the next decade and beyond.

Mammoth Energy Group is well positioned to capture the next wave in mineral exploration, lithium. Mammoth Energy Group is the owner of interests in three salars with the potential to produce lithium and other metals from surface lakes and subsurface brines, all located in the mineral-rich Atacama Region III of Chile. The rights in these three lithium salars cover a cumulative area in excess of 15,000 hectares all accessible via serviceable roads.

Mammoth Energy Group will be an integral link in developing energy and mining projects that take advantage of this renewable energy shift and we will help to create the coming new energy paradigm for the 21st century.

So we have a choice to make. We can remain one of the world’s leading importers of foreign oil, or we can make the investments that would allow us to become the world’s leading exporter of renewable energy.